DR Lukasz Antoniewicz 

Specialist in Internal Medicine and Pulmonology


Private practice

The decisive factor for the recognition of diseases is the patient history. Laboratory tests or medical devices cannot replace the interview with the patient, but can confirma suspected medical condition. As a private physician, I have enough time to discuss your concerns, symptoms, diagnosis andtherapies in a non-disruptive atmosphere. Lung function tests and sleep studies are offered in the practice. If necessary, further examinations such as lung X-rays, computer tomographies, ultrasound or blood tests are recommended and you will be referred accordingly.

My field of work involves even bronchoscopies as well as right heart catheterizations. I perform these and other pulmonological interventions at the University Hospital of Vienna.

Hours of admission


Wednesday afternoons by prior telephone appointment only.



Knowledge from the University Hospital in Vienna


Conversations in EN, DE, PL and SE


Just 20 km south of Vienna


Research at Karolinska Institute


Sleep Studies


Pulmonary Function Tests

Service Fees

  • First consultation: €180

  • Follow-up consultation: €140

  • Prescription or discussion without full consultation: €30

Payment methods accepted: cash or debit card. Credit cards are not accepted.

Please check if you are eligible for a full or partial refund with your health care insurance. You will receive a fee-note as well as an invoice with which you can apply for a refund.

Prior to the visit

Appointments by phone only: +43 681-2029-2834.

Please take along medical reports and results of performed medical examinations including CD-ROMs.

If you already havea prescribed inhaler or an inhalation aid, please take it with you to your visit.

If you have a CPAP/BiPAP, please take the SD memory card with you.


Call us to make an appointment


+43 681-2029-2834

Bahnstraße 17, 2483 Ebreichsdorf

Dr Lukasz Antoniewicz
MD, PhD, Specialist in Pulmonology and Internal Medicine.

C/O: Dr C. Tschanett

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